Looking for more aliveness, connection, and joy in your relationship and life?

If you’re struggling with balancing your relationship, career and family obligations…

If you’re tired of being a couple who are just housemates, sharing space…

If you want to grow your relationship in a safe supportive way…

Or, if you want easy, natural love that lasts…

… you’re in the right place.

Jack and Soorya are coaches that help strengthen relationships

Does this sound familiar to you?

… You have a committed relationship that could be great – if you don’t stay stuck in old habits.

… You don’t want your relationship to fade away because you’re too busy or feeling lonely inside.

… You feel frustrated and wonder how to move your relationship forward.

… You’re overwhelmed or anxious about how to improve the quality of your relationship and life.

… You’re open to exploring what’s possible but you’re just not sure who to ask or how to create it.

Learn simple, highly effective ways to revitalize your relationship

Greetings! We’re Jack and Soorya Resels. Our passion is empowering motivated couples like you to…

• Change old patterns and spark new breakthroughs

• Learn easy practices to get unstuck quickly.

• Give and receive abundant love and positive energy.

• Make clear choices and powerful decisions together.

• Discover each other’s essence qualities: the qualities that make you totally irresistible to each other.

• Turn blame and criticism into recreating your relationship as the one you both really want.

• Bring more passion, play, and aliveness to your relationship.


Jack and Soorya are coaches that help strengthen relationships

Jack and Soorya’s work with couples is a gift of authenticity, truth and integrity…

“Jack and Soorya are dedicated and committed to the transformation of what it means to be a couple. We’ve been blessed to experience their depth. Something sacred happens in the safety, space and openness they provide.

We’ve been able to push past our normal guardedness and experience our own openness, vulnerability and depth in their presence. Their work with couples is a gift of authenticity, truth and integrity, and this encourages us to be more honest with ourselves and each other. Thank you for all that you do, all that you are and all that you bring to couples.

We’ve learned how to be open and honest and show up exactly as we are in our relationship. We are wowed by how many years you’ve been through the ups and downs of being a couple. You model the miracle of love between yourselves and that inspires us.”

Linda DE and Jacob E, Victoria BC


Jack and Soorya have greatly helped us communicate and build our life together…

“Jack and Soorya are great guides for helping couples. They have shared excellent techniques and practices with us that have helped greatly in our ability to communicate and build our life together. They have extensive training and experience and bring a unique ability to their coaching – an empathy for others born of working on the exact same issues.

They are all for practically mastering how to be a couple that thrives – as a joyful work in progress rather than any final destination. We recommend any couple looking for more love and laughter in their relationship to get to know them.

Erika G and Kelly B, Vancouver BC


Jack and Soorya are very good at getting couples to open up honestly…

“Jack and Soorya were able to feel into us and coach in a way that always brought out whatever was needed from us. We got to re-experience how important it is to look at ourselves, be truthful and show up just as we are – the good, the bad and the ugly. They are very good at getting couples to open up, feel their feelings and express honestly. We love you guys!

Our deepest appreciation for caring so much and enriching our couple-ship.
Merci. The chocolate helped! And thanks for the great raw food recipes!”

Denise B-M and Peter M, Vancouver BC


With Jack and Soorya, we’re back in the drivers’ seats!

“Sessions with Jack and Soorya have helped me to get reacquainted with my husband after thirty years of devoting our time and energy to our careers and to raising our children. We have rediscovered how much we mean to each other.

Now we are exploring all the many ways that we want to live the next stage of our lives as a couple. Soorya and Jack have shown us ways to improve our communication skills, discovering new aspects of the person we fell in love with so long ago. It has had the added and unexpected benefits of more romance, more special and intimate time in each other’s company, and a better sex life!

With Soorya and Jack, we feel that we are no longer just drifting from day to day. Rather, we’re back in the drivers’ seats, sharing the journey not only with each other, but with these two wonderful people, who celebrate our achievements. They are positive, loving, kind and gentle as they guide and cheer us on each step of the way.”

Rebecca A, Vancouver BC


Encounters with Jack and Soorya are like an oasis in our week…

“When Rebecca and I first came to see Jack and Soorya, I was nervous about opening up to an unknown couple. That quickly changed. My nervousness has turned into looking forward to meeting them. Our encounters are like an oasis in the week. They make our sessions together fun and rewarding, as they guide us through many exercises on growing as a couple.

As a result of their coaching we’ve begun to consciously drive our relationship instead of just letting events take control of us. Our life has improved: our level of intimacy; how we talk to each other and discuss issues; how we relate with others in the world (our social, business and family relationships); and even how and what we eat.

It’s great to get coaching from a real couple that actually shows you how to do it – not just by talking, but by living it.”

Rob A, Vancouver BC